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 The cold rolled strips with a minimum width of 0.06 mm are produced by a very efficient, computer - controlled quarto reversible rolling mill and the process parameters are also monitored.

 The physico-chemical characteristics of strips are obtained by a thermal treatment performed in a computer controlled bell-type installation.

 The slitting machine is designed to cut out the strips into a wide range of finished products, which are further packed for delivery with protective materials, resistant to handling and transportation specific conditions.

 The computer-controlled process as well as the rigorous observance of technologies guarantees the compliance with the size, flatness and surface tolerances imposed by the strictest standards.

Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Quality Norms
0.07 ... 1.50 4.00 ... 250.00 St2, St3, St4 DIN 1624/1995
St12, St13, St14 DIN 1623/1983
A2, A3 SF 558/1196
AF34 C10 AFNOR A33-101/1982
ST1 Kp GOST 380/1976

 Surface: O4 - lustre or mate and slightly oiled (or not oiled, at customer's request).
 Dimensional tolerances: According to DIN 1544 / 1985


 Electrical and electronic engineering
- reinforcements for power cables, sockets, bulb sockets
- casings/shells and accessories for electronic components
 Light industry
- metallic accessories (knuckles, bails, clasps, hooks, armings etc.)
- fittings (bolt escutcheons, badges, medals, etc.)
- metallic confections/buildings (profiles, gratings, earthing belts, etc.)
- accessories for stationery items (folders)
 Production of light ball bearings
- lids and cages
- rings for cylinders
 Automotive industry
- reinforcements for door joints
- various accessories (elements for fastening and assembling, casings and lids, etc.)
 The synthetic diamonds industry
- strips without magnetic remanence.

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