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Steel strip coils

 inner diameter: 200, 300, 320, 450 sau 508 mm
 outter diameter: max. 1000 mm
 width: 4 ... 300 mm
 The coils are strapped peripherally or radially with anti-corrosive protected strips.
 The strips are not oiled or slightly oiled with washable oil.
 The group of coils is wrapped in waterproof paper (restul dispare).
 The group of coils in position with the vertical axis is placed on wooden pallets.
 The coils weight is maximum 2000 kg.

Reels with cored wire

Si-Ca Cored Wire
Graphite Cored Wire
Sulphur Cored Wire
 The reel is tightened by radial bounding in four directions at 90 degrees, with anti-corrosive steel straps.
 Each reel is wrapped in polyethylene paper and positioned on a wooden pallet with the axle in a horizontal position, fastened to it by means of anti-corrosive steel straps.

The quality certificate accompanying each shipment will contain the chemical composition of the core material and the average weight of this material.

Steel profiles for construction works

Profile type Profile dimension [mm]
UD-30 28x27
CD-60 60x27
UW-50 50x35 (40)
UW-75 75x35 (40)
UW-100 100x35 (40)
CW-50 49x47(49)
CW-75 74x47(49)
CW-100 99x47(49)

The usual length is 3 or 4 m, according to customers' preference.


The profiles are grouped together according to the following table:
Profile type Pcs. /bunch Bunches/pack Total pcs./pack
UD-30 16 25 400
CD-60 12 24 299
UW-50 8 42 336
UW-75 12 18 216
UW-100 8 18 144
CW-50 8 28 224
CW-75 8 28 224
CW-100 8 18 144

The packs are strapped radially with adhesive tape in three places.

Strapping clamps

 The delivery is made in wooden boxes.


Each package has a label on with the following information:
 Heat number
 Package number
 Quality control certificate
 Date of fabrication

Tolerances on size:
According to the following norms:
Din 1544/1995, SR-EN 10131/1995, SF 558/1996, SF 559/1996 si SF 562/1998

According to the specific norms.

Quality control
According to the following norms:
EN 10139/1996, SR-EN 10002-1/1995 and SR-EN 10130/1995.

Quality control certificate
The quality control certificate is issued according to SR-EN 10204/1993.

According to requirements, no less than 3 days after contracted.

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