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Research activities

 Conventional and unconventional technologies for processing and coating cold rolled steel strips.
 Intelligent systems for controlling and rendering the processes efficient.
 Conventional and non-conventional techniques of designing process adjustment algorithms.
 Methods of digital adjustment of industrial process parameters.

Applications of the research studies at GALFINBAND S.A.

 Tin tin-lead alloy and zinc coating technologies for thin steel strips.
 Technology for manufacturing the anticorrosively protected steel strips.
 Specific methods and algorithms for the computer assisted control of the narrow and thin steel strips rolling.
 Computer assisted control of the heat treatment in bell type furnaces.
 Automatic system for three axis positioning with remote I/O sensors.
 Coiled or continuous steel strip blueing technology.
 Modern system for straining the shelps on longitudinally slitting lines.
 Lacquer coating technology for steel strips on continuous manufacture line.
 Electrostatic spraying painting technology for steel strips on continuous manufacture line.

Collaborations with ministry of research and technology

 Digital control methods of the strip thickness during the cold rolling
 Automatic system for cold rolling control with the integration of the technological flow processes
 Micro-controller digital equipment for one to three axis automatic positioning
 Automatic diagnosis system for the equipments within the flow
 Automatic processing system of the acoustic signals for flaw tracing

Studies presented and published at conferences, invention fairs, symposiums

 Information processing system for the real-time guidance of the cooling process of the hot rolled steel strips - ROMSYS UNIVERSITY of Galati.
 Automatic system of guidance and control of the steel strips rolling process in a quarto-reversible rolling mill - Brussels EUREKA '95
 Methods of numeric adjustment of the strips thickness with the optimization of parameters and constant values specific to the cold rolling process - Brussels EUREKA '95. (gold medal).
 Automation system for the guidance of cold rolled steel strips with the integration of the manufacturing processes of cold rolling, thermal treatment, adjusting - Steel Strip'96 Opava Czech Republic.
 Automatic system of diagnosis of the technologic installations from the manufacture process of the cold rolled steel strips - ROMSYS UNIVERSITY of Galati
 Automatic system of acquisition and processing of acoustic signals, in view of recognizing the damages and the intelligent surveillance of some equipments in rolling mills - ROMSYS UNIVERSITY of Galati



Technologies for obtaining of thin strips with high added value by chemical coating with nickel alloys and composites in nickel matrix - NICOVER



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