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Galfinband SA and its Department of Modernizing, Automation and Software provides innovative automation concepts and intelligent information technology.

Departments of System Design, Consultancy and Project Management Services realize and implement projects with high level of application software and solutions. Complete "Turn-key" projects include design, panel manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Our multi-skilled team consists in experienced engineers which have extensive experience in automation systems, relational databases, distributed control systems, programmable controllers, communications, SCADA, industrial computer applications.

We have an old and very profitable collaboration with great specialists in automation control from the academic field.

Our company has references in many sectors on the market of Industrial Systems and a wide experience in modernizing and automation of metallurgical plants.

Activities of our departments are done in a Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001 by Germanischer Lloyd.

Automation capabilities

Supervising systems and control:

 SCADA systems for industrial processes
 Complete systemic analysis specific for technological processes
 Complex Integrated Systems for metallurgical processes control

Data acquisition systems:

 Data acquisition systems, industrial automation equipments, industrial computers and process specific software

Intelligent systems:

 Intelligent systems for adjustable control using fuzzy methods and algorithms and neural nets

Real time software:

 Real-time software for industrial processes control developed for MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT

Distributed architectures:

 Distributed client/server architectures
 SQL/ODBC relational database connectivity

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