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Modernization works and achievements in building complex technological lines

 Modernization of quarto-reversible rolling mill, for the cold rolling of narrow strips.

 Modernization of the stripping line, for narrow strips.

 Modernization of the metallic coating line through thermal coating.

 Modernization of the thermal treatment installation of annealing the strips in coils.

 Achievement of manufacture line of anti-corrosive protected steel strips, lacquered or covered with epoxy-powder in an electrostatic field, destined for the continuous manufacture of the packing straps.

 The two wires machine for introducing Si-Ca, graphite, sulfur or aluminum wire in the casting ladle for steel treatment.

 Modernization of the thermal treatment mill with mobile bedstone.

 Execution of two rollers and one unreeler necessary for modernizing a quarto reversible mill, for cold rolling steel strips.

 Modernization of the technologic line of packing coils of cold rolled steel strips.

 Electrical-hydraulic automatic system for strip centering in the processing lines adjuster for a combined cutting line.

 Communication network with optical fibber support, Gigabit Ethernet standard.

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